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Troo 1.1 API Documentation

Script Commands

This section contains commands to create a script, parent and name it.
All script commands follow the same format and order TO ADD LOCAL SCRIPT INSTEAD OF A REGULAR SCRIPT, USE lscript AS CLASS INSTEAD OF JUST script
A name parameter is mandatory


Whenever using these commands, the parent parameter will always be a Service, such as ServerScriptService, ReplicatedStorage etc. When denoting them in the parent parameter, if the service is only one word, it is usually denoted by its starting letter. If the service contains more than one word, the parameter is usually the short form. If it does not work, please review the full API Documentation below for the correct command.

Creating A Script For Workspace

w script/TrooTest
• The following command creates a new script in workspace called TrooTest

Creating A Scipt For Players

p script/TrooTest
• The following command creates a new script in Players called TrooTest

Creating A Script In Lighting

li script/LightingScript
• The following command creates a new script in Lighting called LightingScript

Creating A LOCAL Script In Replicated First/Storage

repF lscript/MyScript
• The following command creates a new script in Replicated First called MyScript
🔑 The parent command is repF, denoting Replicated (rep) and First (F) and the class is a local script, so is the reason for lscript. Use repS for Replicated Storage

Creating A Script In Server Script Service

server script/MyScript

Creating A Script In Server Storage

sstorage script/MyScript

Creating A Local Script In StarterGui

GUI lscript/MyScript

Creating A Script In StarterPack

sp script/ToolScript

Other Services

Troo Version 1.1 is compatible with the above Services only.

Parenting Index

The above examples for the different parenting types was just as an introduction. It is better to memorize the parenting commands for easier use. For now onwards, usage of parent commands will be direct. There will be a space after each parenting command to denote the begining of the next command.

w : workspace
p : Players
li : Lighting
repF : ReplicatedFirst
repS : ReplicatedStorage
server : Server Script Service
sstorage : Server Storage
GUI : StarterGUI
sp : StarterPack

Organization Commands

This section contains commands which can be used to organize items in the explorer window. Such as creating folders and arranging children of folders. Please read the full API Documentation before proceeding and using commands.

Creating A Folder

Most commands are similar to the script commands. To create a folder and parent it ReplicatedStorage and name it as “Events”, use the following command.

repS folder/Events

Create a New Folder With Children

Instead of using two different commands to create a folder and then parent something else to it. Troo gives you the option to create a folder with pre-existing children.

repS folder/Events MyScript:PetHandler:RemoteEvent

In this case, the example shows the addition of 3 children to the folder namemly, MyScript, PetHandler and RemoteEvent. They are divided by :. Caution is recommended before proceeding with this command as it will parent anything that has the same name given into the folder. Most actions are irreversible.

Removing And Adding An Object From A Folder

The current version of Troo does not support this feature yet, it may be introduced in the future.

Creating A Remote Event

You may use the Parenting Index provided as the first argument.

repS re/PetEvent

Creating A Remote Function

repS rf/NewFunction

Creating A Module Script

repS module/PetModule

Troo 1.1

Troo 1.1 was created on June 23rd, 2022 for the usage of all commercial and non-profit creations.